'The vocal program gave me a deeper, sexier voice.... and this really boosted my confidence.   Then I could just relax and  enjoy singing while being naturally myself.   Funny to say, but it was kind of like Paul helped me find myself through my voice. '  - Jessie

Toronto Singing Lessons - Vocal Coach To Find Your Authentic Voice

YOU ARE HERE...because you have a sense that there is another possibility for you...in your singing and in your personal self-expression.  That somehow finding and releasing your deepest and most true voice could reveal something truly wonderful inside of you.



You may be right.


You may also have the feeling that discovering your own voice has something to do with opening your heart to feel in a new way.  And this connection to yourself and your listeners could feel magical. 


And that lessons would help you go beyond what may have held you back previously.  And this release of self could shift your world.


You may be right.  As a coach I cannot guarantee what will happen for you in this process.  I can just tell you about what has happened for others.  And the ways they tell me it has changed their lives. 


But instead of a personal or emotional transformation, today you might only want to more easily reach the high notes, without straining, so you can have a sound that you love and that others connect to and enjoy.


Maybe you want a vocal sound that others really connect and resonate with.



We've found that there are different ways you can learn that in your singing lessons.   But finding your way is most important, all that matters is what works for you, and helps you find the voice you want.



What Will I Learn In Singing Lessons?


There are techniques which build skills in singing.  You can learn skills such as breathing, and other vocal exercises which build strength and can give you a feeling of control, power and tone.



There is also a second way, which is more of a personal RELEASE.  This is more of an inner transformation, and more about revealing what is already there that is already working in your singing. 


It is more about finding what is inside you, and releasing what was keeping that from coming out.


I can't say if this will be true for you.  But very often, we are finding in people's training that there is an effective and pretty cool voice already inside of people already.  


It may have been hidden by some things, like tension or something else.  Maybe something in the mind was in the way.  When we find that, it can be tremendous fun to release it !!! 


There are some cases where the Singer didn't even need to learn any techniques, they just needed to release the blocks that were in the way and that is all they needed.  



How Does Voice Coaching help you sing more easily?


It can be like giving your voice 'wings'.  We can learn skills such as breathing and developing the vocal chords.


This training can use cutting edge, world class Yoda-like vocal techniques to give them increased range , power, tone and freedom.



 Or this training can create emotional release ... is about deeply connecting ... helping them just let go and relax.  


Becky came to learn techniques and skills, but found she didn't need them.  We unlocked her inner voice and she sang like a bird. 


'I wanted to say thank you once again.  I think what you are doing takes a deep desire to help others and make a difference in other people's lives.' 

'It melts my heart completely to see what being gentle and unconditional love can do.  Thank you for making me see my life in a new way.  I feel like I'm floating on a wave... its ecstatic.  Thank you.'  

- H. Gill 


Can Voice Coaching Help Me Relax And Give Me Confidence?


Sometimes people ask ' Do I have to be BORN with a good voice?'because they are very much wanting the feeling of being their true self and singing in a way that feels emotionally connected with the song.  They want to experience singing from that place deep down inside them. 


They just want to be learn to be able to consistently open their hearts so they feel wonderfully connected when singing.


Or they want to feel comfortable and to learn How To Relax Into Confidence When Singing.


It could be true that working with a powerful coach, the blocks would away like an ice cube in the July sun... which is what happened for Becky.  Now she sings lead in two bands and we can't get her off stage.


In many cases this is exactly what has happened for people in these programs.  But what happens for you will be unique to you.


And other people aren't wanting that, instead they want to control, power, range, tone and flexibility.   


You're not like everyone else.  You are unique and may want your own combination of approaches and skills so you can be your wonderful self.


If you and I work together we can first get your very relaxed, and feeling good and groovy... then you'll fall into an easy confidence.  Then your easy natural voice might pop out, and that will give you more confidence. 


Either way, we can start with getting you relaxed and comfortable.  That is what helped Becky most before her voice just came out like honey...


Will these singing lessons help me?   What is your background as a Coach?


I don't know.  I can't say what you will do with your coaching.


Many years ago I started out helping people and bringing the cutting- edge world class strategies I learned from top coaches I had studied with from across North America and Europe.    This helped people find more power, range, tone and control.  They were loving their voices.  They could easily sing the songs they never could before.


Others wanted emotional transformation to be able to CONNECT to their songs to FEEL the way their favourite Artist connected to their songs. 


This led me to becoming a Life Coach in addition to being a Vocal Coach and Singing Teacher.  It was an entirely different approach. 


Years later my vocal clients started asking me to help them in other areas of their life just like we did with their voice.  They wanted further transformation across their lives.  Today as I write this I spend half of my week helping people sing as a Vocal Coach, and the other half is helping them in their lives as a Life Coach. 


I work with some people on their singing, others on their lives.  Some on both.


These Singing Lessons Are So You Can Just Relax And Enjoy Being You


You don't have to learn techniques if you don't want to.  Or you can become a master of technique if you want that.  Either way, let's help you enjoy being you as you sing. So you can feel effective, relaxed and confident.



Mick's Story...


Mick started out with me wanting to sing backups in his band.  To his surprise he actually replaced the Lead Singer, which he would have thought could have never happened.  Today Mick is totally loving being the front person of his smoking hot band. 


Mick first learned techniques. Then we helped him open him up emotionally so he would connect with his audience.  His audience LOVES him by the way.




Vocal Lessons with a coach can have a transformative effect that ripples through all areas of our lives.  It tends to impact our lives far beyond the music.  It shifts how we relate to our world and to other people.  Derek says it gives him 'swagger', which for him feels like a inner confidence and deeper sense of self.



He says he has become bolder and takes risks he never would have.  The benefits ripple all through our lives into our work and into our relationships. 



Releasing ourselves fully in our songs tends to give us a deeper ease and relaxation in our world because we know we are expressing ourselves the way we always wanted to.  And that is a really really important part of having fun.



Then enjoy the following story about Jessica.



Oh, and we can also do these lessons over the internet.


I have clients in India who do their sessions with me by internet each week.  Also Seattle, Washington, London England UK, Europe anywhere there is an internet connection.

Or we can do it in person when you come to the studio in Toronto


Will This Training Give Me A Deeper, Sexier Voice?


This training in some cases gives you a deeper, sexier voice.  Just ask Jessie.  This can impact our lives in a fun, positive way.  To be used wisely of course.  :)

Jessica's Story...


Jessica and I began by learning what already was working great in Jessica's voice.  Finding out what was already effective in her vocals gave her hope and confidence to try new things.  That was very helpful for her.



We began relaxing Jessica so she experience a deep feeling of ease, of relaxing into herself.  I helped her create a sense of feeling really really good in herself... like slipping into a warm soothing bath.


Now she was flowing and feeling good when singing.  And things began to shift for her.


Next we identified some things that were in the way of her being able to sing easily.  In the voice lessons we  'melted'  away some habits that didn't really need to be there, and she said that this made expressing herself much easier and more natural.


She found her singing to go a lot easier after that, just by releasing a few physical things.  And some emotional.  She was now on her way to loving her own voice.


Next we began opening the emotional part of Jessica and her voice.  This released in her the feelings of love and connection that she felt deeply in her favourite Singers like Ella Fitzgerald and some more contemporary vocalists.  Because Jess always wanted to feel that same love connecting in her heart. 


( For some people we would just focus on the technical strategies, and skip the emotional if they don't want that. That is totally fine!! )


Now Jessie sings in two bands and we can't get her off stage.  Her audience loves her and she is absolutely loving her performances.  She is adoring the feelings of connection and bonding with her audience.  


We can't keep her off stage now.


Everyone is different and is unique.


If you and I were working together, we would find what works for you and what you want, and we would go with that completely.  Whatever you want and what helps you most is what matters.


What I forgot to tell you in this story is that Jessica originally didn't want to perform, she just wanted to feel comfortable and happy singing in her own living room. 


Until she got a glimpse of how enjoyable her singing became for others, that changed her mind about what she wanted. She is in two bands now.


Same with Mick, he just wanted to sing the backups.  Now he is lead vocalist of the smoking hot blues band Sons of Rhythm.


You'll find things just happen when you're on a path of deep transformation.


If you are reading this and only want to sing in your living room, great.  That is perfectly fine.


Sessions are through internet and SKYPE if you live in any country.  If you are near Toronto do come in for your sessions.  Clients find both ways to be highly effective for them.



The programs are for ALL singing styles.   All ages.  Absolute Beginners are welcome.  Also aspiring and advanced Singers.


If you ask for increase range, flexibility, power and control, breathing  we can learn the techniques used by some of the top coaches in the world, from Los Angeles, Nashville and Europe.


Or if you're looking for emotional connection and have people fall in love with your singing we can focus on that instead. 



You can call me or email me and ask to set up a time to speak.  My calendar is always full but if you really want this, contact me and let's see what will help you.



Paul Gasztold is an International Vocal Coach based in Toronto.  He's also a Singing Teacher and Life Coach who empowers individuals with cutting-edge techniques and emotional transformation.


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Post Doctorate In Helping People Sing Happily and Live Peacefully with confidence


In addition to skype internet coaching, the Singers who are mentored by Paul come from all areas within the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area ) including Downtown, Riverdale, East York, York, Toronto Beaches, Scarborough Bluffs, Danforth, Leslieville, Birchcliff, Mississauga and Brampton.





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