THERE IS a defining moment ... in which we experience our true authentic voice. In that instant we know our voice is already wonderful!   And that moment can change a life.

Vocal Coaching by Skype, Internet and in studio


because you may be looking for a deeper experience, of knowing your true voice and the power and freedom that is there within you. 


You have a sense that there is yet another possibility for you ... in that knowing and expressing your deepest and most true authentic self that something wonderful can happen for you.  Beginning deep inside you. 


You may have a vague sense that knowing and discovering your own voice has something to do with opening your heart, a gentle yet powerful letting go and lifting above and beyond what may have held you back until today.


I am here to tell you that you are not alone, hundreds of Singers have gone before you to release themselves into the ecstatic feeling of singing in ways they never dreamed they could.


Some Singers find their vocal freedom through cutting edge vocal techniques, through developing the physical voice through breathing and exercises much like an athlete.  Giving them increased range and tone and ability.  That is one path which can be very effective.


Other Singers come at it from the emotional path, where finding their true voice sets them free to express in their own wonderful uniqueness.  Finding and knowing that their own genuine inborn voice is already effective and powerfully groovy gives them feelings of confidence that ripple through all areas of their lives.


Emotional freedom when singing gives them the confidence to be bold and takes the life risks they never would have.


So, while the physical technique approach can yield emotional freedom, an emotional/psychological approach to freedom helps open the physical technical aspects.


But what happens when we approach it both ways?  Open the physical voice as well as the emotional at the same time?


Physical technical training increases strength, power and flexibility ( control ) as well as breathing. 

Releasing the person... through mind and psychology, and spiritual connection...reaches the heart.


Combining the two...the result can be MAGICAL...


Jessica's Story


I'd like you to meet Jessica.  Jessica came to work with me after spending three years working with other vocal coaches in Toronto where she lives.  She told me that she still didn't feel confidence and didn't know and love her own true voice, she felt she didn't even know where her own authentic voice was.


We began first by learning out what already worked great in Jessica's voice.  Finding out what was already amazing about her singing, that she didn't even realize yet, gave her hope and confidence to try new things.  We started out our work together by creating in Jessica an experience of ease, and relaxation and knowing what already was working for her.


That took all the pressure off.  Now she was flowing and feeling good.  We could have stopped there, but didn't.  Jessie wanted it all.


Next we identified the things that were in the way of her being able to sing anything.  Together side by side, Jess and I systematically removed those from her habits and the ways she used her singing voice.


She found that singing got a lot easier after that, just by releasing physical blocks.  We could have stopped there, she was already loving her natural voice.  But we didn't stop there.


Next we began opening the emotional part of Jessica and her voice.  This released in her the feelings of love and connection that she felt deeply in her favourite Singers.  Jess always wanted to feel love and her heart opening but didn't know how to create this consistently. 


Now Jessie sings in two bands and we can't get her off stage.  Her audience loves her and she is absolutely loving her singing experience.  Jessie adores the feelings of connection and union with her audience, she lives for this feeling of being connected to others in her singing, as well as in her life.


Each time, Jess cannot wait to get back on stage to re-connect with her audience.


You may get the feeling that Jessica's singing experience came from a combination of Vocal Coaching, in addition to Life Coaching.  You would be correct.  In my experience working with Singers for 15 plus years, freeing the mind and heart is as or more powerful than just working on the voice.


A combination of vocal coaching and life coaching can be like taking a jet rocket straight into the heart of your singing potential.


Everyone is different though, what works for you might be very different than what worked for Jessica.  If you and I were working together, we would find what works for you and your voice and go with that.  Whatever helps you most is ALL that matters, as I'm sure you'd agree.


What I didn't tell you in this story is that Jessica originally didn't want to perform, she just wanted to feel comfortable and happy singing in her own living room.  But the moment she got a glimpse of how wonderful and enjoyable her singing could be for others, that changed her mind about what she was capable of.


If you are reading this and only want to sing in YOUR living room, great.  That is perfectly fine. My guess is that once you discover a genuine voice that is yours alone, and know that it is effective and wonderful, your sense of self might expand dramatically as well, just as Jessica's did. 


But your goals and dreams and what you want is all that matters.  What matters is what fulfills you and makes you happy, and that is all we focus on together if we do work together.


What you need to know... we do vocal coaching and life coaching through SKYPE and phone if you live in any country.  If you are in Toronto we can do in person sessions as well.


WE DO THIS VIA SKYPE, phone or in person.

What you need to know is that:  this is for all styles or age or current level of ability.


What you need to know ... you can increase range, flexibility, power and control, breathing and ALL of that using techniques I've learned from some of the best coaches in the world, from Los Angeles, Nashville and Europe.


What you need to know ...  if you're looking for emotional connection and to fall in love with your voice we can do that.  Or if you don't want that, and only want technical work, breathing scales etc. we will do that.  It is your choice completely.


What is the teaching style?   Whatever works best for you. 



Paul Gasztold is a Toronto and International Vocal Coach, Singing Teacher and Life Coach who empowers individuals with cutting-edge techniques and emotional transformation.


He helps people change their world through finding their true voice.


Do I have to be BORN with a good voice?  Or can anyone develop a wonderful sound?

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Post Doctorate In Helping People Sing Happily and Live Peacefully with confidence



In addition to skype internet coaching, the Singers who are mentored by Paul come from all areas within the Greater Toronto Area including Downtown Toronto, Riverdale, East York, York, Toronto Beaches, Scarborough, Danforth, Leslieville, Mississauga, Brampton.





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