Do you have to be born with a good voice? Or can anyone develop one?

Traditionally, people who wanted to sing were considered to either 'have it', or not. While most teachers meant well, they were only able to teach what they knew...which were techniques that often demanded decades of study and practice ( and seemingly endless expensive lessons ) to get results. This is no longer the case.


There have been tremendous advances in instruction, especially designed to be highly effective with the modern and popular song styles of today. These techniques can greatly facilitate the development of our ability to express ourselves.


Unfortunately many aren't yet experiencing this or are hurting their voices by belting or straining ( yes you can damage a voice beyond repair! ).


Good question. Possibly because many teachers teach what they have been taught and possibly too steeped in tradition to learn what is out there now. The great news is that if you are not achieving the results with your voice that you desire, in the vocal style that you wish to sing in, there is a coach out there who can work with you to achieve the dramatic results you may be looking for.


Question: Classical Teachers say that if you learn how to sing Classical or Opera you can do any style. Is this true?

This is just not true. Have you ever heard an opera star sing rock, pop, R&B or modern musical theater? It sounds like a classical soloist trying to sing in a modern style. It just doesn't work. There have been few notable exceptions to this, for example Freddie Mercury of the rock band Queen, however for most people a Classical approach is the most long and difficult route to loving their sound while singing their songs they adore.


If you wish to become a very good or great modern Vocalist and effectively perform modern styles doesn't it just make sense that you would need to learn the modern techniques used by these artists?


Question: What is your background as a mentor?

I was told at an early age by a traditional classical teacher that I would never be a great Singer. I was told that teachers could help me with my sound but not to expect a lot. I was very much in demand as a musician ( keyboard player ) but when I opened my mouth people actually groaned, or even laughed. I couldn't hear pitches accurately and even mouthed the words in choir because I was too embarrassed to let my thin weak out of tune tone be heard.

But I really wanted to express myself and I knew I'd never give up!  So through my childhood I worked hard using the techniques I was taught but only achieving marginal results.  In my teens I realized that I had to throwing away much of what I learned because it wasn't giving me the sound I was looking for...I wanted to have the sound I heard in modern popular music.

So I learned to BELT. Ouch!!! While this gave me the thick sound similar to many contemporary singers it actually HURT my instrument.  But at least I was in demand. Finally!!

But my effective range was very limited. It was very difficult for me to hit the high notes.  Sound familiar???? My sound and tone were far from free. I felt limited. But I never gave up searching for an answer.


Your Inner Connection

Meanwhile, clients working with me were achieving breakthroughs in the emotional delivery side of their songs...very big changes in fact. Listeners were getting goose bumps, experiencing magical musical moments listening to these them.  They were getting rave reviews. feeling very fulfilled with their own unique sound and deeply inspiring others.  And then I found it!


The answer to the tonal freedom that I'd been looking for for decades. I learned the secret to range that almost EVERY aspiring vocalist dreams of.  I discovered a Guru Mentor. A master of masters. A Guru of Gurus, who seemed tlo have collected and evolved the very best of the best of modern world techniques.


These techniques were helping my students remarkable well with all styles of songs, especially popular contemporary styles.  We combine these advanced breakthrough techniques along with the emotional side -  that side that makes people melt their hearts and go 'ooh' and 'ahhh' and gush all over you ( or fall in love with you, but that's another story   :) 


Clients were telling me that they were now achieving dramatic breakthroughs in their song technique while deeply connecting to the emotional power within each song and within themselves.


I've never been so excited about my own music and even more excited about the growth of the folks I have the great pleasure to work with.  My coaching calendar is always full helping people.   They contact me for Vocal Coaching and Singing Lessons here.


Question: How long does it take to do this?

The Artists I work with ( most hobbyists like you! ) are finding that they are compressing decades of growth into months.  I believe that within three years a Songster, focused using effective technique consistently and with the ongoing guidance of a powerful mentor can achieve any sound or tone or range they desire.


Within two years or even one year a great amount of tonal freedom can be accomplished if the individual is consistently focusing on the right things. Within six months a lot can begin to happen. A big boost can truly occur where the singer can sound and feel like a totally different singer.


Often an aspiring performing discovers aspects of themselves, and their sound, that they never knew they had. These discoveries alone can totally change the future of someone.



An Answer To Musical Freedom

After decades of searching I can now happily say that the answer is here for those who are willing to take the steps to learn and master modern techniques that are effective.  I believe that ANYONE can achieve the sound of their dreams.  I see it happen over and over again.


The formula for development a great sound and ability is:

1. Learn the right techniques - many teachers don't even know about these or will deny they exist

2 Find a GREAT mentor who can help you compress decades into years or even months - - but the great ones are out there!!

3. Apply yourself consistently and be very willing to change. You must let go of what you cling to in order to completely embrace and accept what you are being taught. You cannot stand on two islands. You must leave behind where you've been and what you are used to in order to get where you wish to go.


Above all, to change your voice, you must change your approach.


Best wishes and keep expressing yourself like crazy!


your future fan,

Paul Gasztold



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