This is all about your learning to feel great while singing. Your singing and body should begin to feel more and more wonderful. You shouldn't ever experience any physical discomfort whatsoever with singing. If you ever feel any physical discomfort ask me about it immediately. Consult with your medical doctor as I am not trained as a medical physician.


1. Scheduling



Use only regular voice phone calls ( or email ) for ALL scheduling

PHONE CALLS or Email ONLY for scheduling 

NO text messages ( text messages are not received ) 


2. Rescheduling & Cancellations

To ensure fairness to all Singers...

If for whatever reason something comes up where you may not be able to make your lesson ... immediately call and leave a phone message to say that you need to reschedule your lesson.

If less than a minimum of 48 hours are given, not 47.5 hours but a minimum of 48, the lesson will be a missed paid lesson.


Please write down the above line, because it will be important for you to remember.

If you're not sure if you can make your lesson time, then call and reschedule it anyway just to be safe.


3.  Payments for Programs

Vocal Programs are created to get results.   For this reason:


a) All lesson payments and programs are non-refundable

b) 10 week programs are exactly 10 consecutive weeks in duration.

c) 10 month programs are 40 sessions to be completed within a maximum of 10 consecutive months .

d)  missed lessons may be re-scheduled up to two weeks before or after the original lesson date, but expire 10 weeks after the program start date, and only if 48 ( not 47.5 ) hours notice is given.

e) $30 administrative fee for any dishonoured cheque ( to cover the bank fee )

No exceptions will be made.  These guidelines are in place to ensure the effectiveness of your program.


Take a minute now to read the above page again.

Do you agree with these guidelines?If you have any questions or require clarification call the office now and/or read below for more information.

Yes, I have read, understand and agree to the above guidelines.


When you check off the 'Yes' box and press 'Agree' above you will be asked to confirm once again and then taken to the studio address and map.

Thank you

More information ...

How To Make It Easy

Create a new habit of calling early many days ( 7-14 days or more is best ) prior to your lesson if something comes up. This increases your chances of having available a more convenient lesson time for yourself for the upcoming week.


Giving many days notice offers someone else a chance to take advantage of your lesson time. The minimum 48 hours ( not 47.5 ) is only a minimum, while it lets you off the hook it is still not enough time for someone else to be able to use it. Another else who wishes to book your lesson time will need at least a few days notice to make arrangements. Calling very early will also benefit YOU when you are looking to reschedule a lesson time for yourself. This system ensures that lesson times are available for Singers like yourself.


Skype/Phone Lessons: If you cannot make it you can always take your lesson by phone and/or Skype at the scheduled time.


You may call the studio any time 24 hours as the phone goes automatically to voicemail after studio hours.


Consider printing and/or bookmarking this page so you can easily refer back to it again.